Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls I do adore!

Whats up wit girls?
Annie was right when she said its a "hard knock life". I would hate being a girl.
I like loving them better. I found myself watching HITCH a couple of nights ago
(no comment) and a lot of the stuff on there is pretty true (I don't think any of the
methods Hitch used would work in real life though). Why are girls so difficult? Some
girls even seem oblivious to the fact that we are flirting with them, let alone liking
them. I know this one girl who was absolutely oblivious to the fact that I was in
love with her. I got all these can chocolates for her and she responded with a "gee, thanks"
and walked off. I find that I run into that type of thing too often. Then there is the type
where the guy is lost for words at the sight of a girl. I knew this beautiful black girl
that got me all choked up whenever I saw her. She was that wonderful. I ended up
never telling her cuz that was back when I was just liking girls, and a lil nervous.
Those are once and a lifetime, maybe twice sometimes. Then there are the types
that really like you and you really like them and its really beautiful. It almost never
happens the way Hollywood says it does. Its happened to me once and I ended
up spliting with the girl because of some geographical issues. That was one of the best
times of my life. Places where there aren't a bounty of good looking girls are the
places where we learn to be ourselves again and not have to worry about how we
look for someone. That feeling is great too.


QUEEN JEM (where's my crown?) said...

hey! girls will always be girls! lol. and harvey is not my bf! but a bff. lol

anyway,bout my falling stuff. the secret is in the background. go to and look for the animated background. and get it from there. but if you want the small falling objects like the lil spades in my page,then go to and look for the falling object section there. but i have a better advice for you,if you want a unique looking page (something more unique than mine) then go and visit the only problem is,you may find the process difficult esp if you have done a nuff in you profile. if you encounter problems,check back on me.

QUEEN JEM (where's my crown?) said...

it will be a pleasure for me to help you w/pimpin' your page. hope the site i gave you works!

hmm.. bout what i did..? i guess,i did something wrong in the yes of people and yet it gratifies my thirst for knowledge.

QUEEN JEM (where's my crown?) said...

yeah,you definitely clears some of the labrynths i got into my brain because of that question. yet,there are some situation wherein you have to make a wrong move for a right reason but for other people's eyes,you're making the right decision for something irrational. for exmple,there was this movie i escaped in where in the girl has to marry this guy he didnt even like at all (but her parents want him for her) so that she can save the life of the man she really loves. don't you think it's bullshit?! her action for this important matter is killing her inside and yet,her parents thinks that she made her life's greatest action due to some unworthy reason. a lot of people get involved in that kind of situation (but not the scenario). they are doing what they think is right and what is right is what is good for them. but the reason behind it,may not harm them,however,.it's harmful to other people. sometimes,we have to be selfish to discover the real us. ewe have to be real or else,your reflection will be another stranger for you too.

QUEEN JEM (where's my crown?) said...

omg! you speak like we knew each other for such a long time and i love it! hahah.. you got your words ryt. perhaps,i should be reborn to the realization that one day,i will face a more important fight. a real fight. my life's fight. me versus me versus the rest of the world. but what do you mean when you say i have to hold fast to my morals? i did not catch that.. what do you mean by that?

anyway,how old are you? do you have a myspace or friendster? can you send me sum of your pics? the add is (haha. even my add shows im double faced. LOL)

macho crunk said...

That's girls for ya man, I kinda had an instance like that and it was the bomb, but when we had to break up( due to my parents not liking her cuz she wasn't in the best family environment) I pretty much had the most miserable summer of my life. Luckily I'm over it now but it seems like a little hugging caused a lot of pain....I dunno. Keep singing, singing that tune, fighting for love lookin to the moon, rock the boat of life all the way, holla back when ya get there someday. \_/