Friday, September 29, 2006

What is dating?

Ok, so where I live we are all having a little trouble deciding on the whole dating thing. This girl that I knows thinks that when you date it gets you into the habit of breaking up with other ppl, and when you are in a marriage situation that habit will kick in, and you will want to break up and get a divorce with someone. I like this girl a lot she is one of my friends, but I personally don't agree with her. Anyway I just wanted to get anybody's opinion who stops by this blog. What do you think dating is? This is a really important question. As for the book, I am working on getting a copy to see what it is all about. Its by Joshua Harris, who gummibear28 and room4spirit pointed out. He started the Rebelution which I have a link to on the blog.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pretty cool lightsaber duel

Check out this clip that I found on the internet. Apparently a lot of kids have been trying to make lightsaber duel clips. They are really hard to replicate and these guys have been working on this 5 minute clip for months. The clip itself is actually pretty good even tho the ending isn't the best I' ve seen. I'll post more if I find any.