Wednesday, August 16, 2006

WoD Inc. presents: Jet Kid

Jet Kid is a special agents ninja designed for the sole
purpose of infiltrating enemy facilities, to steal their
High Security files. Jet Kid is also a highly persuasive
interrogator and negotiatior. Will resort to torture if its
subject refuses to be forthcoming with information.
This newest arsenal in the WoD Inc.'s new deadly
weapons program is able to:
  • Fly
  • See through all materials
  • Magic Powers
  • Crotch iron protection (New feature)
  • Special kick butt shoes
  • Iron flexy hands for smackin faces
  • Deadly pig tail
  • Super sonic hearing ability

Those are only the standard features! This new butt-whuppin assassin is the latest model in company defense. Not for purchase.

WoD Inc.

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