Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Til the end of the world...

I've been thinking about the end of the world after my class when we talked about revelations. So many people try to predict it and none of us are truly ready for it. If we all lived life like it was our last day, would this world be better or worst? So many people throughout history think that the end of the world is coming during their lives. I guess its typically human to think that everything will end with us. Even still I think that the end of the world will come in my lifetime and I can't help the feeling that I will never be ready for it. I guess the knowledge of the world coming to an end propelled the saints b/c they always seem to have lived like each day was their last and compeletely happy about it. I guess that if I focused on that then I could probably be a better person, except for two things I would run into:
  1. The world not coming to an end. How would I sustain that attitude throughout all my life?
  2. Living in the light because of hope and not in the darkness because of despair.

I guess life has its challenges one of them being a good person on a regular basis. If the end of the world can influence me to be a good person it must always be b/c of love of God and not fear of my eternal well-being.

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