Monday, March 19, 2007

Ever wonder whats at the end?

Why do people believe that great stuff is at the end of a rainbow? Maybe because its impossible to find the end of a rainbow. Its a sign of hope not a sign of wealth. There is something at the end of a rainbow. Whatever it is, the rainbow is just a door to a place that were you go you will never want to find the other end.


Stevoc921 said...

Yeah, I mean I will admit the night it happened I was quite dazed and mad at myself, but now I mean I can't change what happened so why fight it? What didn't help at all was that some with some people, the first thing they asked was whether my car was ok. I was like I couldn't really give a dang about my car right now....I am thinking about what could have happened and how many people I could have caused grief and pain, and how many people I scared. Yeah...that really shook me up. But it is over now, and I must go on with my life and take it one step at a time...working as if everything depended on me and praying as if everything depended on God, which it does. I must apologize for that comment, that sarcasm was uncalled for. If you want to ask any questions feel free.

I know what you mean about seeing zero comments. It has been getting on my nerves a lot too. To tell you the truth I had completely forgotten you had a blog. But now I remember. So I will be checking it out more often :-D

I have always wondered that myself about the rainbow. I mean we know that the rainbow was God's sign to Noah after the flood, and I spose that's where all the "mythology". so to say, behind the rainbow came from. I would have to agree that it is a sign of hope, because on seeing something beautiful, the soul recognizes that as reflecting something much bigger than itself, which we know is God.

Idblur said...

yea, who could ask about the car when you were almost killed. forget the car. lol, thanx I have a loyal blogger!

Stevoc921 said...

Haha, yes, well I guess you could call me a loyal blogger