Monday, May 07, 2007

Latest Saints news... and by latest I mean Late news...

Saints had a good draft day taking Robert Meachem and Usama Young in the first round of the draft. Meachem should fit nicely with Marques Colston as they are both possesion receivers and should help fill the huge void of Joe Horn (tear). Usama Young should be a breath of fresh air at the corner position and perhaps this is the first step to a Fred Thomas release? Im done thinking we can trade him b/c I think its obvious that no one wants him. Anyway, If you got anymore to say about the Saints this is the official Offseason post, and I won't post anymore til the preseason games. Who Dat!!!

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orangecrazed said...

chris here, dude the patriots are havin a great offseason randy moss and doante stallworth are gonna bring up the recieving staff a few notches they are gonna be the team to beat this year so get ready!

PS me n hayley wanna start a Fantasy football league u in?