Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cancel Red Alert

Ok its all cool, i caught the perpetrator and i ripped his lungs apart. No I was betrayed by my friend. I was in the garden and he kissed me on my cheek.. Lol no thats not what happpend
but seriously after fierce interrogation he revealed to me that he only did it as a practical joke
nothing more. thats all I heard after the crunching of his jaw. all in all I have upgraded my blog to a Reconage Serra Lebage Security Matrix. This way no one can hack into my blog again. If you would like to know what actually happened to the guy who did the "practical joke" Please look above this text


QUEEN JEM (where's my crown?) said...

haha.. say hi to him for me! lol. well,thanks for the advice. you were such a good adviser. really... anyway,after a long time,i finally though of opening my other blog. and i read your comments in it. actually,blogging is not popular here in the philippines. only abou 1 out of 11 people knows how to blog, im serious! do you have myspace?

you know what?! falling inlove sucks the hell out of me sometimes. lol

muffen said...

When in hell did it become cool for teens to think they are in love? I geuss it's funny how you're all serious about it n stuff but really, don't you think you should live a little before getting all goochie goochie w/ someone?

chupacabra said...

define goochie goochie

goochiegoochieman said...

It consists of a variety of artificial love feeling which eventually lead to oral and real sex.

Idblur said...

No one said it was cool to fall in love muffen.

goochie goochie man must know his stuff

Chupacabra, way to seek knowledge

As for you JEM, who said love was an easy thing?