Friday, March 03, 2006

Do the impossible..

Stare death in the face


QUEEN JEM (where's my crown?) said...

hey!!! sup? you know what,it seems like you can really relate on my situation. sweet..
i think we should never hold on so much to yesteryears,or else we'll get rope burn!!! lol

btw,i learned two important things today:

1.the best and the most beautiful things in this world are those that are unseen and untouched. they must be felt with the heart.

2. happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.

anyway,if you happen to read with my lates post,please replace the her with him/his and she with he. i changed the gender so that no one will know who im referring to.

the two boys im talking about in that blog is my emman and his so-called-friend lester. emman was suppose to get the highest rank in this so called C.A.T thing. but that fucking lester stole it from him!!! urgh!!! i cant describe properly what really happened,as you can see,i have a hard time speaking english. darn..

it's wrong to hold a grudge against someone,but i feel upset for emman. he was suppose to be the corps commander,but his friend got it instead of him!!! i was anticipating that he'll get it cause i know how much he wants it,but the damn hell!!!

i hope you understand me,er..? when someone you love felt dissapointed,you'll also feel the pain or half more!!! and that's what im going thru right now..

voiceoftruth said...

Wow, queen jem SHUTUP, no one gives a crap bout ur emman buddy.