Thursday, March 09, 2006

March is here

A lil bit of Darktice
March is my favorite month, for obvious reasons
One it celebrates my birth, two this stubborn weather must
finally shed its coat of cold and change into warmer weather,
third its do or die at school, so this is where I really need to kick into
high drive and finish that last stretch before spring/summer break.
Life is tough and you get used to it. My life has been littered with events
every week and I love the challenge of re-shuffling my time to meet the ones
I need to. I hate it when I suddenly get shot with an extra dose of the lazies. I don't
like being lazy. I love being active. But I constantly give in. I got work to do but I don't
want to do it. How can I break the old and start somethin new? I want to but I can't. I need
some help


Turnandburn1209 said...

March is my favorite month bc march madness is starting!!!!!

Beust 2

QUEEN JEM (where's my crown?) said...

yeah,me too. it's tough sometimes,you know. when you have planned to do something or changed something and you will just ennd up givig in or giving up. but i guess,in that matter you just have to set your mind to it and be determined. you must attach your heart to your mind and make it work together and the rest will follow.

about your comment,you hit me. i think im really over reacting. but as ive said,i cant help it. i love the guy so much and i want him to achieve what he thirst for. i have my own reasons why i over reacted with madness. one is,i anticipated that position for him so much. the second is,the person who have stolen the position my man was about to get is the boyfriend of the person i hated most! the third is,i hate thieves,i believe that if something is not meant for you,then let it be. you have to fight the urge of wanting something you're not suppose to have. oh my gosh.. how i wish to get over this feeling. i know it's stupid to over react towards something so shallow,however it's a mistake to not react at all when deep inside,you're about to burst. geez..

muffen said...

It's hard breaking old habits eh? Like for example, I was going to come on here cussing and calling you a retard but look at me it can be done.