Saturday, April 22, 2006

Random slogans bear wit me...

Make yourself at home with Darktice


Things go better with Darktice

The Darktice effect

IDblur- a class of its own

IDblur empowers you

Life's beautiful with IDblur

Always the real thing, always IDblur

All you need is Queen JEM

Heal the world with Queen JEM

The Queen JEM look

Queen JEM-- once you have it you love it

The Queen JEM spirit


macho crunk said...

A little vain today?

chupacabra said...

well then, I geuss we know who to blame. What? Foop! That's just dome. Take out the question mark. I want more pina colada!!! GAAAAAASSSSPPPPP. I hate you. Myles is beautiful

chupacabra said...

yeah so that was myles and that was a kinda running dialouge of what i was saying minus the myles is beautiful part, it was more like myles is a fag but it all good so whatever

The Bad Good Girls said...

wowww.........u guys really r queens, now r'nt u.

QUEEN JEM (where's my crown?) said...

hahah.. this is my favorite post!