Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What are you looking at?

weird baby!


macho crunk said...

No sir! This is not my baby!

Idblur said...

Baby Jean is not my lover,
she just a girl,
but they think I am the one,
the kid is not my son.

-Michael Jackson

Careful who you portray Macho

The Bad Good Girls said...

i personally think that that was one cute baby, but helena ovr here is about 2 have a stroke due 2 the scary factor the child brings 2 the picture.

GummiBear28 said...

i hate this picture!

The Bad Good Girls said...


Idblur said...

Yea Y? perhaps you have no taste for funni stuff.

Yea thats right I went there. NO shame either.

GuessWho said...

Remove that picture, what poor taste you had the moment you published it.
Guess who!