Thursday, April 13, 2006

Time Travel

Where would you go if you could?


macho crunk said...

uh.. i'd go to heaven....nowhere else is worth a crap.

QUEEN JEM (where's my crown?) said...

yeah,i agree to taht macho crunk.. heaven.. i would love to go to heaven,where everything is perfect.. no adversaries,no suffering,no pain,no tears,no sadness.. that's where i wanna be..

Mukiruh said...

Time travel is an interesting concept.

Instance X acts as a motivator for the time travel. THe time travelers goal is to change instance X but in so doing he takes away his motivation for coming up with time travel in the first place. Therefore he cannot change instance X without putting an end to the motivation behind time travel, and therefore the technology.
Basically he cant have what he wanted to change and retain the instrument he used to change what he wanted to.